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3 Boxes Fruta Planta slimming pills. If you want to lose the excess pounds, then first of all you have to be clear what causes your obesity. From numerous scientific reports on obesity, it's not difficult to know that metabolism and appetite are the two major causes of weight problems. However, both are no longer big problems for you if you choose Fruta Planta diet pills to lose weight, as this supplement can consume the excess calories very timely by improving the metabolism level. What's more, it can make you eat less but feel fuller quickly.

Main Ingredients:
Lemon, Bitter Melon, Papaya, Benefit fruit, and Spirulina Maxima, Fruit Gum

Specification: 400mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Usage and dosage: Fruta Planta one capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day one capsule.
Precaution: Children, pregnant woman and patients who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease etc can't take this product, don't use it along with other medicines
Supervising Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd

Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 7 Reviews)
Awesome by Theresa Clarke
Fruta planta is awesome! I have not had any side effect and I have lost 25 pounds, my sister in low has also lost about 20, we both think it is a great product

Zero appetite! by Julie Ryan
I have just started taking fruta planta 10 days ago and i have lost 6lbs and on my way to loosing more! Very happy, my appetite is almost zero and the only side effect is thirst

Thank you by Wendy Lloyd
My pills arrived today, thank you for the quick shipment, i am very excited to start my weight loss , My friend has been taking these pills for a few months and lost a lot, I am hoping that they will work for me too and I do not have any negative side effects :)

Satisfied by Lela Cummings
There wasn’t much happening at the first week except no appetite but after a week I noticed changes, my clothes began loose, so far I weighed myself 137lbs, 14lbs was reduced in a month! Really awesome, i have never lost so quickly, I am very satisfied with these fruta planta capsules

Fruta Planta is wonderful! by Stacey Massey
Fruta Planta is wonderful! I was 174..i started taking the pills 3 months ago and I dropped over 30lbs with dramatic eating changes and regular exercises, I look very good now LOL, I am still taking them as I want to reduce another 15-20lbs, happy weight loss, Thank you!

Happy by Yolanda Diaz
They start working! I have really happy and feel fortunate get result after insisting 2 weeks, I am very happy about this, thanks for your friendly services

So far so good by Sabrina Alvarado
I really wanted to solve my stubborn fat on my arms, legs but i failed, it is really hard to insist on a diet for a long term and do exercise everyday... currently I have been taking fruta planta for about 3 weeks, and do have lost some weight, 6lbs, so far so good but i am planing to take one more pills and i hope i can lose weight a bit quicker